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How to adopt

Application: If you live in the Southern California area please fill out the online application letting us know what you are looking for and how you would like a Sheltie to fit into your lifestyle. Our volunteers will return calls or emails with more information.

Home Visit: A home visit is required prior to adoption. Depending on the situation it may be better to have a prospective Sheltie at the home visit. Usually the home visit is a prerequisite to meeting Shelties in their foster environment.

Adoption Interview: The foster parent will call or email you to set up an appointment so you can meet the prospective Sheltie. All family members including parents, children, and canines in the household should attend the adoption interview.

Adoption: To adopt a Sheltie we have a standard Adoption Contract. There is a two week trial period where both you and rescue can decide if the adoption is a good match. If the Sheltie needs a different environment we are always happy to take the Sheltie back with no questions asked.

Adoption Donation: There is a sliding scale depending on the approximate age of the Sheltie. Younger and healthier Shelties help support our commitment to helping Shelties who are elderly or have expensive medical conditions. The general donation for ages:

Up to 12 months $450,

1 up to 3 years is $375,

3 up to 6 years is $300,

6 up to 8 years is $250,

8 up to 10 years is $200,

10+ years is $150.

Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law and greatly appreciated.

Contact Information

Southland Sheltie Rescue

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Southland Sheltie Rescue, Inc.

About Us:  Finding the best possible homes for Shelties, Southland Sheltie Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit public benefit corporation. Our mission is to rescue, promote and protect the health and welfare of Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) in the Southern California area. This website is for the Shelties in San Diego County. Please also visit our website at

Volunteer Work:   Southland Sheltie Rescue is an all volunteer organization. Our volunteer network will act as fast as possible to return calls, set up home visits and adoption interviews. The first priority is always the current and incoming Shelties so volunteers will sometimes be delayed in responding to prospective homes. Many of our volunteers work full time so meeting the Shelties is by appointment only.

Donations: 100% of donations go to the Shelties. Southland Sheltie Rescue is an all volunteer organization so that 100% of donations can go to the grooming, supplies, training, and medical care of the Shelties. Adoption donations only cover a portion of the overall expenses.  Southland Sheltie Rescue is only able to accomplish our mission because of the donors who so generously give of their time and resources. Every contribution is greatly appreciated.

It’s all about the Shelties: The majority of our Shelties come from caring homes who have a change in their circumstances and use our professional placement services. We try to bring Shelties into rescue before they end up at the Shelter so that we have more information about each Sheltie and can better meet their needs. Rescue Shelties also come from animal shelters after being lost or given up. Southland Sheltie Rescue brings the Shelties into nurturing foster homes where they are evaluated for temperament and medical conditions before being placed in forever homes. Once our Shelties have been matched with a good home Southland Sheltie Rescue keeps in touch with the new family for the lifetime of the Sheltie.